Marine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Marine Air Conditioning Services in Boca Grande and Port Charlotte Area

Grande Aire Service specializes in Marine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration. One of the wonderful things about living in Florida is that we have boating weather all year round. Let us keep you comfortable out on the water by maintaining your system, just as you would your home system.

We can install a new system, service an existing or provide you with a maintenance/service contract. Grande Aire also can assist with your on-board refrigeration needs. Do you have an ice machine or wine cooler that needs service?

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The Basic Principle of Marine Air Conditioners

The basic principle of an air conditioner is the movement of heat. In a marine, direct expansion (DX) seawater-cooled air conditioner, heat is transferred from the cabin air to the refrigerant gas, which then releases the heat into the seawater.

In reverse cycle heating (heat pump), the refrigerant flow is reversed and heat is extracted from the seawater and discharged into the cabin. Part of the cooling process, in addition to lowering the air temperature, is the removal of moisture from the air.This lowers the humidity, making the area feel more comfortable and helping to keep the boat dry, reducing mold growth and other moisture related problems.

There are three basic types of Cruisair systems: selfcontained units, remote (split gas) systems, and Tempered Water Systems. In selecting the type of system for your boat, many factors must be considered, including: size and layout of boat, required capacity, access for routing necessary tubing/wiring/hoses, location of furnishings, and the storage space you are willing to sacrifice. And of course, cost.

Self-contained units are typically the best choice for smaller boats, up to about 40 feet (12m), due to the lower cost of the units and installation. A self-contained air conditioner has all of the major components mounted on a single chassis, which is installed in the living area; usually under a bunk or settee, or in a locker. Cooling only models, as well as reverse-cycle heat pump units, are available.

Remote systems are typically found on boats up to 80 feet (24m) in length, only limited by the number of condensing units that can be fit, and by the length of copper tubing between the condensing unit and air handler, which is a maximum of 50 feet (15m).

For larger boats, Cruisair Tempered Water systems (also called chilled water) are available. These consist of a chiller, located in the engine room, that cools (or heats) fresh water, which is pumped through an insulated piping loop, out to air handlers located in the living spaces, where the air is cooled (or heated). There are no limitations on the number of air handlers in a system, or on the distance from the chiller to the air handlers.

For more in-depth information on Marine Air Conditioner technology, contact our office. The team at Grande Aire will always be willing to talk to you about your boat’s air conditioning needs.