Clean Air Coils: The Solution to AC Success in Hot Climates

As we all live here in hot climates such as Southwest Florida, we know that proper AC maintenance is crucial to the life span of any air conditioning unit.  

 Did You Know? 

New AC coils can cost upwards in the $3000. While more often than not a new coil is priced cheaper than a new system, you are not guaranteed your unit doesn’t have any other problems and you are putting your system back into the same environment that can rapidly decrease the life expectancy of your unit (hot, humid weather). The key to keeping your unit is through proper maintenance. 
Benefits of Clean AC coils:  

  • Reduced energy consumption and increase of monthly utility savings, especially during the summer months.
  • Improved dehumidification: moisture inside an AC leads to issues beyond the scale of a broken unit. Clogged AC coils increases air flow into the compressor, leading to lower temperature levels (ie, less heat in the unit where it needs to be) and decreases the dehumidification processes. 
  • Improved air quality: When you have dirty AC coils, the dehumidification process suffers, directly resulting in an increased mold and bacteria production. Think: a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria, pushing air through your vents and into your home and into the air you are breathing. By having clean coils, your air quality has less mold and bacteria, overall improving your air quality.

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