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Benefits of Vent Dryer Cleaning

Do you have your dryer vent incorporated into your yearly cleaning routine? Without a clean dryer vent, dryer fires can become a real threat of burning down your home. 

In addition to having a clean dryer vent, benefits include: 

  • Reduce risk of a dryer fire
  • Drastically lower your power bill
  • Dryer will last longer with less repairs
  • Proper dryer maintenance can expand your dryer’s lifetime
  • Your clothes will dry faster with less lint left on them
  • Improve your indoor air quality: less allergens, better air circulation and removal of carbon monoxide

While there are very easy steps to clean your dryer vent, Grande Aire Services is happy to help with your appliance and maintenance needs. By putting this task on a schedule with other appliance maintenance checks like proper air conditioning or pool heater maintenance, our team can provide stress-free service giving with peace of mind on all your appliance needs.  

The Grande Aire Team is always happy to go above and beyond for our customers’ air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and appliance needs. Whether you are in need of residential or commercial information, please contact our office at (941) 697-4884 or visit www.grandeaire.com

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