AC Mini Splints, Ductless HVAC Repair & Ductless HVAC Installation

Mitsubishi Diamond ContractorAre you unhappy with the comfort level of a specific or multiple rooms in the house? Are you considering temperature control options for a new build, renovation, older home, or commercial office? You don’t need to get into major construction, mess, expense, or a time-consuming project. There’s no reason to sacrifice usable space or aesthetics for the sake of comfort. Let the experts from Grande Aire Services Inc. introduce the many benefits of ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. Compact and versatile, ductless technology accommodates nearly any demand and provides effective and efficient heating and cooling in Charlotte, Manatee & Sarasota counties.

Expert Ductless Heating & Cooling Services

As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, Grande Aire Services Inc. is not only trained and updated in the leading ductless engineering and features but qualified to design/install the most advanced options on the market. There simply is no comparison to Mitsubishi ductless mini and multi-split systems. With a solution to suit your unique needs, the focus centers around individual living spaces, allowing customizable temperature settings. From exceptional air quality and smart control to whisper-quiet operation and inverter technology, the rewards are unmatched.

Call on our team for all your Ductless HVAC maintenance, repairs & installations!

Give Grande Aire Services Inc. a call at (941) 964-1142 to learn more about the exceptional opportunities provided by ductless split systems. We offer installation typically completed in a single day, seasonal maintenance, and prompt repair of all makes and models. At Grande Aire Services Inc., we enjoy turning big challenges into satisfied smiles. We create ideal comfort and ensure top value across Sarasota, Southgate, Kensington Park, South Sarasota, North Sarasota, Englewood, Boca Grande, Rotonda West & Grove City, FL.